{Engagement} Heather & Johnny


Heather & Johnny.  Basically a photographer’s dream couple… they were so happy, so in love and so easy to photograph.  The three of us drove around the country and had a fun, adventurous time.  They were so gracious to their photographer when she fell down a rocky hill and scraped her legs all up… or when she almost hit a mailbox (thanks Johnny!)  Yes, I fell down a hill two minutes into their shoot… we laughed about it after the pain subsided.  Even though it was literally a “rocky” start to the shoot we had a great time driving around taking photos by silos, haystacks, barns and old weeping willow trees.  The country was the perfect place for this couple.  Johnny grew up in the country (in fact his first job was a hay baler) and the couple loves to country line dance.  Their wedding is going to be perfect as well… out in the country (of course) at Ringo Pond.  I can’t wait to photograph their wedding, it’s going to be so fun!  Congratulations Heather and Johnny, I’ll see you two in August.  Enjoy the photos.


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June 25, 2012 - 6:58 PM

daniel stark - dude! these are sweet! so creative–love them!

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