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Portland Family Photographer- Benfields

storyboard028I am going to start off with a warning- there are a lot of photos!  And cute photos!  I had a hard time narrowing the selection down for this post.  Anytime you have an awesome family hanging out with their adorable one-year-old in the woods and then you add in a birthday party with additional cute one-year-olds that have popsicles you’re going to have a lot of fun photos!  I think you’ll enjoy every image and forgive me for posting so many.

I just love when I get to photograph newborn photos for a family and then one-year later step back into their lives and see how crazy it is with a one-year-old.  A lot changes in 365 days!  It was such a pleasure to see Kyndra, Brandon and little Jaxon again.  (Check out their newborn photos here.)  We started the session off with a walk in the woods by their home in Sandy. Jaxon enjoyed using Brandon’s head as a drum and laughed so hard when his dad would throw him up in the air.  After playing in the dirt we headed back to their house for Jaxon’s birthday party.  His grandparents, cousins and friends joined together to celebrate Jaxon.  There was a kiddy pool, balloons and popsicles!  Yes, we gave five one-year-olds popsicles.  It was the cutest thing ever.  Thank you Kyndra and Brandon for inviting me over to capture such a fun and special day.  You’re family is beautiful. Enjoy the photos.

My post will be a little different… I am going to start with all back and white photos including images from the woods, Jaxon playing with his favorite toy, the broom, and even some wonderful moments from his birthday party.


What is life with out a little color?  I love black and white but you’d be missing out if I didn’t share some color images.  Orange popsicle drool really only shows up in color. More importantly you’d never know how spectacularly blue Jaxon’s eyes are if I didn’t share color images.  So I am going to take you backwards now starting off with the party popsicles and circle back to the first photo I took of this lovely family.  Enjoy.






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