Portland Family Photographer- Sam/Clayton

Yesterday I was feeling off.  I blame what happened in Vegas and just the heartbreaking stories of families being torn apart by evil. So working, at first, was a struggle.  And then I remembered that the Sam/Clayton Family was on deck to edit and it immediately lifted my spirits.  By the time I was done, I felt happy again- I just love this family.  I mean how can you not smile looking at those adorable twins?  And grandpa chasing his granddaughter on a beach?  Plus there are always a lot of hugs and kisses- I love it.  This family books a photo session with me every year (I believe this was number five) and every year it’s great to see them. This year was no different, it was wonderful to catch up and catch moments. 😉

Merry, Sam, Judy, Mark, Melissa, and Erica (and Ben and Molly!): Thank you for being an amazing, loving family.  You lifted my spirits yesterday and I hope these photos do the same for you.  Enjoy!!

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