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Portland Family Photographer- Sam/Clayton

There are a lot of adjectives for the word “awesome” or the word “great.”  I know, I looked on the Thesaurus.  I had to look because I’ve photographed this exceptional (one of the synonyms) family for years and years and I basically needed some new adjectives to describe them.  I do not have another way to describe how grateful I am that families trust me year-in and year-out with their family photos.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I’m honored to be the Sam + Clayton family photographer.

The Sam-Fam (that’s what I call them) consists of Merry, Sam and those cute twins you’ll see; Ben and Molly.  Grandpa Mark and Grandma Judy, Aunt Melissa and Aunt Erica make up the Clayton side of the family.  And every year they come together to grab photos (mainly) of the growing twins and a few photos of the entire family.  I think it’s awesome!  And it’s great to see them every year. Again, thank you for having me as your photographer.

This year- summer at Rood Bridge Park.  With a lot of upside down tickles and stink eyes (don’t worry stink eye is a funny/good thing.)

Sam/Clayton clan- always a pleasure.  Thanks for another great year.  I hope you enjoy the photos!

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